Changing Your Company to a Process-Oriented Mindset

process 300x218 Changing Your Company to a Process Oriented MindsetIt is no secret that process intelligence is vital to your businesses success. It is also no secret that all personnel need process intelligence in order for it to benefit your company. But how can you change or create something that has no physical form, such as process intelligence?

A realization that needs to be made is that intelligence is developed and is not something that can be instantly taught. Although it takes time, process intelligence is always developing, meaning that your intelligence will only become stronger and more beneficial over time.

The first step in integrating process intelligence into your workers’ minds is starting with the basics. How can one build intelligence without first understanding the basics? The answer is: they can’t. Workers must first be educated on all aspects of the processes they use, starting with extremely basic aspects such as, “what is the purpose of this process,” or “how does one operate the process?” It is astounding how many workers make use of and operate processes within their business every day without knowing why they are required to do things a certain way, which may seem less easy than a more conventional method. For example, many businesses use purchasing software to streamline processes, keep track of expenditures, etc. The decision to implement purchasing software is almost always made at the executive level and the problem is, many of the workers do not understand why they are forced to use this computer software to purchase something as simple as a stapler. Educating your employees on the processes they use will ease this animosity towards unconventional processes by eliminating confusion. Without this confusion, your employees will be able to develop their process intelligence. Increasing visibility into the processes by educating your employees at a basic level and then building upon this knowledge will help to avoid problems that may harm your business’s performance.

After your employees are properly educated on the processes of your company, the next step towards helping them to think in a mindset which emphasizes the importance of process intelligence is teaching them how to use this visibility to quickly notice problems and instantly make decisions. If employees have knowledge on every aspect of the process and understand them, it makes it much easier for them to notice if a problem is occurring. Since less brain power is used questioning the process and wondering what the purpose of it is, more brain power can be used to notice errors and think of ways to improve the process. A business which emphasizes process intelligence will give their workers the freedom to implement their ideas towards the processes they use. Empowering your employees will make them feel valuable to the company, making the process mindset a second nature for them while improving company morale.

Once all employees think in the correct mindset, using their process intelligence, your business will be able to constantly develop, adjusting to changes that may have gone unnoticed. This is why process intelligence is essential for positioning your company to become more efficient and productive.

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